Digital Video

Speed Up Video with ffmpeg
Information on how to play a video in fast motion with ffmpeg.

Convert Video for iPod / iPhone
Information on how to convert a video for use on your iPod, iPhone, or other iOS device.

Cut Video with FFmpeg
How to cut a video using ffmpeg.

Video Formats and Codecs
Some basic information about video formats and video and audio codecs.

Home Video (DVD) Backup Process
The technical process (source code) I use to backup my home video's.

Video Resolutions
A list of various video resolutions.

Rip a DVD with FFmpeg
How to rip a DVD, such as those from a DVD camcorder, to other formats using ffmpeg.

Story Board Template
I couldn't find a story board template I liked, so I made my own. You can download, edit, and print it.

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