QuickUser JavaScript Library

This library has been moved to GitHub.

QuickUser is a JavaScript class that maintains user information. There are two versions, one that uses a cookie and another that uses HTML 5 local storage. Each creates a new user ID, if one wasn't already created, and stores an array of user information. Additional key / value pairs can be added by the programmer. No user id or password is required, making login unnecessary. Login credentials could be easily added and tracked, however. Download Cookie Version (quickuser.zip) Download HTML5 Version (quickuser2.zip) In order to use the library, simply include the QuickUser.js file into your HTML document. <script type=“text/javascript” src=“quickuser.js”></script> Then, in your documents JavaScript create an instance of the QuickUser object. <code js> <script type=“text/javascript”> Load a user using the QuickUser class user = new QuickUser(); Read the user ID that was assigned var id = user.get(“id”); Read the number of hits var hits = user.get(“hits”); Set your own variable user.set(“first”, “Joel”); </script> </code> This source code is distributed under the MIT License.

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