Upgrading Dokuwiki

I run Dokuwiki on this website and when I get notices at the top of the page I always cringe. After my last update, I'm not sure why they intimidate me. Upgrading is very simple. Here are the steps I take.

Before you start, make sure you have some disk space available.

df -h

Start in the directory above (..) where your wiki is.

cd /path/before/wiki

Make a backup copy of your wiki, just in case anything goes wrong.

cp -a ./wiki/ /tmp/wiki-bak

Download the latest version of Dokuwiki from Splitbrain with a command like the following command.

wget http://download.dokuwiki.org/src/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-stable.tgz

Extract it into a folder:

tar -xzvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz

Now copy/upload all its files over your old DokuWiki installation overwriting all existing files:

'cp' -rf dokuwiki-xxxx-xx-xx/{*,.??*} ./wiki/

The quotes around cp ensures the command works even when cp is aliased to cp -i and the .??* ensures that hidden files are also copied.

Touch the doku.php file so that dokuwiki clears it's cache and sees that we are using the latest version of now. The last time I tried the upgrade, the touch command below didn't work for me. I had to edit the file, change the $updateVersion variable, then change it back. I also had to delete ./wiki/data/cache/messages.txt.

touch ./wiki/doku.php

Remove the temporary installation files.

rm -rf dokuwiki-xxxx-xx-xx/

See the Dokuwiki Upgrade docs for more details.

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