Software Projects

ANSI C Libraries

CGI-LIB is a FREE ANSI C library for CGI programming. It was originally written by Noel V Aguilar. In February of 2004 I found and fixed a small bug. After contacting the original author, I decided to fix and distribute this new version. It is now distributed as Open Source under the MIT license.

Mobile Apps

Random Chords
Write guitar music. Learn new chord changes. Get past writers block.

Random Riff
Generates a random guitar riff using the minor pentatonic scale.

Google Chrome Extensions

Mouse Highlighter
Highlights the mouse cursor so that it's easier to see when screen sharing.

Social Roller
Get new Instagram followers with this extension that acts like an Instagram like bot.

Quick Calculator
The typical desktop calculators are SLOW. I wanted something fast and couldn't find it, so I built this tiny tool.

Git Button for Pivotal Tracker
Add a copy button to pivotal for creating new git branches using the current story id.

Hosted Applications

Create icons, splash screens, and promo images for all the app stores instantly.

Blog WizTool (Broken Link)
Create your own Blog (a website where you can easily publish your thoughts) with this easy to use tool. Currently offline.

Pick a Hand
I wrote this simple program for my son Ryan in early 2005. He liked to hold a quarter in his hand and have me guess which hand it's in. We converted this to a simple on-line game.


Base for iPhone
A simple XCode project that allows you to create new native apps by plugging an HTML/JavaScript web app into it.

JavaScript Libraries

A JavaScript class that creates a new user id if one wasn't already created and stores an array of user information in either a cookie or HTML5 local storage. Additional information can be added by the programmer.

A JavaScript class library that lets you draw with 3D like isometric blocks.

Web Applications

Quick Calories
Quickly track the number of calories you're eating. Works on the desktop, iPhone, Google Android, and more.

Carbs Web App
Quickly track the number of carbs you're eating. Works on the desktop, iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, LG Dare, and more.

iCoaster for iPhone
Turn your iPhone into a high-tech drink coaster.

Upload photo's, slides, or screenshots and have them displayed on a website in real time. Conduct live presentations to an unlimited number of viewers.

Tech News Web App
Quick links to the best technology news sources from around the web.

Whois Web App
Check if a domain is available or get existing information about it.

isoMiner Game
isoMiner is currently just an idea for a game inspired by Minecraft by Notch.

PHP Applications and Libraries

Action Items 0.01
Action Items is a set of PHP scripts that serves as a To-Do list and basic time tracking program. I created this in order to track my own action items and the time I spend on each of them. It is distributed as Open Source under the GPL.

Applate is a web template geared toward web apps. It uses HTML, JavaScript, and PHP code to create a basic framework that can be used to build other web applications.

A photoblogging site that pulls it's images from the RSS feed of a Photobucket Album. Written in PHP.

Data URL
This is a PHP script that will load an HTML document and convert it to a data URL. It's Useful for generating off-line web apps, especially for the iPhone. It makes 2 passes converting all included images and javascript then the combined document.

Dynamo is a free PHP library that automatically draws basic HTML tables and forms based on the results of MySQL queries. It is open source, distributed under the GPL.

Gigamite Shop (Broken Link)
Gigamite Shop was a drop-in shopping cart for your website. It had a simple, easy to use design. It also included a very simple Windows GUI so that company employee's could easily add items to the website. Currently offline.

PHP Pivotal Tracker Class
A simple PHP class that connects to the Pivotal Tracker ( API and lets you create a story and assign tasks to that story.

DokuWiki Plugins

A simple plugin that allows you to define variables in a separate file and load them into your wiki using @variable@.

Windows Software

ButtonWiz 8.0
Create stylish buttons for your website with ease. Includes hundreds of royalty-free button styles. Add text in any font, size, style, or color.

vbMySql is a Visual Basic 2005 (Visual Basic .NET) class module that lets you run MySQL database statements in a way that is similar to running them from PHP or directly from the MySQL client.


6299 Framework
The 6299 Framework is a cross platform development framework for PHP developers. It allows you to create client-side PHP applications that use the browser as their GUI. In essence, you can write PHP applications in the way you write them on the web, using HTML to generate your interface.

Web App Template
A very basic starting point for mobile Web Apps. Finished apps can easily be converted to a native iPhone app using Big5 or ported to Palm OS or Android as a native app.

Web App User Manager
I wrote a basic user manager for my web apps. This allows me to focus on the app itself instead of the user verification. I've released the source code to the manager under the GPL.

XHTML 1.1 Template
This is a minimalistic template to start an XHTML 1.1 document. I use this as a starting point for lots of new web pages.

HTML 5 Template
This is a minimalistic template to start an HTML 5 document. I typically use this as a starting point for web based apps.

HTML 5 Soundboard Template
This is a minimalistic template to start an HTML 5 soundboard.

Light Weight HTML 5 Web Page Template
This is a very light weight page template in HTML 5. I use this as a quick start for a basic product website.

HTML 5 Twitter Bootstrap Template
This is a light weight page, based on Twitter Bootstrap, that can be used as a quick start page for a product website or iPhone app and it's responsive.

Kindle HTML Template
I've written a couple of Kindle ebooks. I prefer to work in HTML and the format works quite well once you figure it out. This is a template for starting a new Kindle HTML document.

Automatically creates a simple website for a GitHub project using the file.

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