I've been pushing various bits of information out of my head and into this site for years and it's updated frequently. I've been using the free Dokuwiki program to organize these pages since 2007. I also store a lot of notes and software code on Github.


Software Projects
A collection of software projects that I've developed. Includes various software libraries, hosted software, mobile apps, Windows software, etc.

Books by Joel Dare
Several small books that I've written and self-published. General computer subjects.

The Passive Income Experiment
My twelve week experiment to deliver value and generate passive income.

MotoTux - Motovlog
My weekly motovlog that I post on YouTube. I ride around on a motorcycle talking to myself and filming it all.

Photography, Art, and Digital Art
Several collections of photos, artwork, and digital art. I enjoy photography, 3D graphics, pencil drawing, and painting.

Technical Documents
A collection of technical documents that I've written. Over the years this section has become pretty large.

Writing and Publishing
Information about writing and publishing your own books.

My opinions on various topics that I feel compelled to write about.

A few of my philosophical thoughts. Includes goal setting, project management, and weight loss.

My head is swarming with ideas for new products, software programs, websites, and businesses. I list many of my ideas here. Read this and you'll realize just how very crazy I am.

Product Reviews
My raves about products that I like.

Stories, Hobbies, and Journal Entries
Here are some stories and journal pages describing my interests, hobbies, and life events.

Other Interesting Websites
Here are a few other websites that I find interesting.

Reference Books
On this site I talk about a lot of technical topics. I thought I should make some book recommendations based on those interests.

I get comments from people all the time. They are the reason I write stuff here on the site. Here are a few of them.

About Joel Dare
A quick bio, work history, and mug shot.

Contact Me
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

My Blog
I started a blog for some of my comments that fit that format better than this one.

Private Areas
The information in this section is private and requires special permissions.

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