Technical Documents

GIT Version Control

Mac Instruction

Linux Instruction




Virtual Machines


Creating an SSH Tunnel / SSL Proxy
Kerberos Setup
Set Gnome to use Reduced Resources
Setting the Clock Using rdate
Set Clock Using NTP
tkCVS Tips
Upgrading from Debian Etch to Lenny
Averatec 5500 ACPI
VNC Viewer Setup
ViM Macro
Wireless Network Switching
Excluding Directories from 'locate' (updatedb)
Redirect wget to STDOUT
Keyboard Macro's with xvkbd
Mounting an ISO Image Read / Write
Adding the Spamhaus SBL and XBL to Sendmail
Ubuntu Fonts
Using RSync to Backup
VirtualBox USB Error Under Ubuntu Linux
Setup Pidgin to Notify with the PC Speaker
Mounting a Windows Share in Ubuntu
Installing xvidcap Under Ubuntu
Removing Pulse Audio from Ubuntu 8.10 (Ibex)
Using SSH to Bypass a Firewall
Netgear WPN511 Fails After Sleep
Grep Recursively Through Single File Extension
Resize a Window with the wmctrl Command
On Screen Display with XOSD
Using .htaccess on Ubuntu
Use byzanz to Record your Screen as a GIF
Add a Windows Partition to the Grub Boot Loader
Jump to a Specific Column in Vim
Install Java in Firefox Under Ubuntu
Lockup Journal
Change Hostname in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
Change xterm to White on Black
Grep a Range of Lines
Move Window Buttons Back to the Right in Ubuntu 10.04
A Better Linux / Gnome Clipboard Experience
Grep Recursively
nVidia Dual Monitor Switching
Unmount All Fuse Mount Points
Mount Multiple SSH Servers Using Fuse
Low/Missing Screen Resolutions in Ubuntu with NVIDIA Driver
Search and Replace Multiple Files using Sed
Backup and Restore a Linux System
Grep with AND
Fake a Higher Resolution in Linux
Grep Lines Before and After
Start Komodo Edit from Command Line on Mac

PHP Stuff


See my Digital Video page.

Facebook Development

JavaScript Stuff


Unorganized Stuff

Copying VMWare Virtual Machines
Concat Multiple PDF Files with Ghostscript
Reveal Passwords in Firefox
My Wish List
PcHelpware Support Tool
SGH-T719 with Palm TX
Web Software Testing
Using AWK on CSV Files
Using AWK and SED on CSV or TEXT Files
Using AWK to Prepend or Append Data to Each Line
Using SmartCVS with Kerberos
Using TAIL to Output All But the First Line of a Text File
Replace Text in PDF Files
Remote Debug PHPAGI Scripts
Zend CVS Checkout
Mounting SSH with sshfs
Useful VIM Commands
Clump Programming
Xcopy Backups in Windows
Using gedit as a PHP Editor
iPhone App Wanted - GPS Marked Searches
mUI Framework
Convert and Resize Images with ImageMagick
Encryption with GnuPG and FireGPG
SQL Joins
Mal's E-Commerce Instructions
How-To Make iPhone Ringtones
Why DIVs are Better than Tables
Hiding Your Own Traffic From Google Analytics
Repairing Cracked Laptop Hinges
Google GMail Bookmark that Logs In
How to Cheat at Wild West Pinball
Strong Passwords that Appear Random
Making this Website fit your iPhone
Open a Remote URL in PhoneGap
Play an MP3 Audio Stream in PhoneGap
Check the Network Connection in PhoneGap
PhoneGap Notes
JavaScript Coding Standards
Create a UIWebView iPhone App in XCode
Booklet Printing a PDF File
The Most Important Google Adwords Tips
Marketing Tips
Windows Virus Tips
Upgrading Dokuwiki
Git without a Central Repository
Minecraft Server Notes
Copy a Directory Recursively using SCP
Using MultiViews for Pretty URL Routing
Center an Amazon Payment Button
Amazon Payments Drop Down
Dokuwiki Template Areas
Recording Stats on Amazon
HTML in Amazon Descriptions
Super Useful Web Development Tools
Super Useful Database Admin Tools
Super Useful PHP Development Tools
Web Based Apps
Reddit Pulls the Wrong Thumbnail
Java Introduction
Free Resources for Building Websites
Simple Instagram Like Bot
Sublime Text Plugins I Use
Prepaid Phone as Motorcycle Camera
Save Instagram Photos from the Web


Older PDF White Papers

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